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Emgodini Solutions (Pty) Ltd was registered in 2017 and, in April 2018, after successfully negotiating a Service Level Agreement with 3-Way Consulting, an accredited training institution, the company, now trading as Emgodini Training Academy, started in-house training for company employees initially offering First Aid Levels 1 and 3, and SLAM training, focusing on individual and job specific requirements in the workplace. In March 2020 a SHE Representative course was introduced. It was the vision of the C.E.O., Mr. Johan Botha, to provide quality training for company employees over and above the generic, “run of the mill” training provided by other institutions. This vision reiterates the passion for safety that the C.E.O. exhibits and confirms Management’s commitment to provide a safe working environment for all employees.

Emgodini firmly believes in quality rather than quantity, therefore the qualifying criteria is quite strict. Employees who enrol for First Aid Level 3 and SHE Representative courses undergo Psychometric Evaluation, the outcome of which determines whether or not a person will be suitable to attend the course. It is our belief that people should acquire the set standards through comprehension rather than repetition and, in doing so, ensuring that the training provided and the knowledge gained improve the general standard of safety awareness in the workplace.

Negotiations are currently underway to expand our agreement with 3-Way Consulting, the outcome of which will greatly expand our scope of training. With our accreditation by Sasseta (South African Safety and Security Education and Training Authority) and Saiosh (South African Institute of Occupational Safety and Health) we will be able to provide more accredited courses. Amongst others, Safety Officer, Facilitator, Assessor, Moderator, Basic Fire Fighting, Working at Height, Legal Liability, Hazchem Control and OHS Act and Regulations are courses which will be on offer. Emgodini plans to soon expand its facilities and staff to a fully fledged training institution, serving both our own employees as well as other companies and the general public.

Up to date in excess of two hundred persons have attended various courses during the past two years. At the end of a course students have the opportunity to provide feedback (anonymously) and they are encouraged to point out both positive and negative elements. We are proud to say that no negative feedback has been received thus far.

It has been an exciting two years and we look forward to more and bigger things to come. Ultimately it is about our people, who we acknowledge as the cornerstone of our business, and the commitment and drive from Management, to ensure that our company stands head and shoulders above the rest.

Willie van de Merwe.

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